A Day in My Life – San Diego Braille Institute Kids

27 Jun

Back in 1999 when I was volunteering with The Corrymeela Community in Northern Ireland, I spent a wonderful week working with a group from a school for visually impaired children. They were such a joy and inspiration to work with. It took 14 years for me to next get a chance to work with a similar group. It was worth the wait!

Earlier this year, myself and my SongStream Project colleague (and wife), Vanessa, made four visits to the San Diego Braille Institute to work with an after-school group. The kids we worked with were an amazing group. Along with our friend Natalie Cruz who was on placement there as part of her studies at the Expressive Arts Institute, we sat down and began the processing of writing a song about a typical day in their life. They shared about the everyday things they come across and enjoy. There was a real spirit of playfulness and enthusiasm in the whole process. Recording that number of young voices isn’t the most straightforward of tasks but everyone stuck with it and this video is the end result.

One of the things we’re doing with The SongStream Project is deliberately creating the spaces in which people whose voices are not normally heard get a chance to tell their story. One of the main ways we’re doing that is through song.

We hope you enjoy this little 3 minute song and video as much as we do!

Michael Fryer, 27th June 2013

You can learn more about the work of the San Diego Braille Institute here:




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