On the eve of something special

15 Mar


Excitement and a healthy degree of nervousness often goes hand in hand on the eve of something special. The idea of The SongStream Project is about 9 months old and now first child is about to be born. ‘Voices of Autism’ is something the four of us, Michael, Talia, Alex and Vanessa, are very proud of.

We came into this project having never put together an audio documentary before. However, as keen radio fans with an ability to recognise what works and a few transferable skills, we figured things out as we went along.

The first thing to acknowledge is that we we’re incredibly lucky to have four amazing young musicians and their families invite us into their lives. Listening to the ways in which they responded to the questions we shared with them continues to inspire us. We feel confident that those who listen to the show will feel the same way.

This has been a labour of love. It’s been something we’ve all done in our spare time, without any form of funding and it has taken a huge amount of work to turn it into what you can now listen to. It’s been worth every moment.

We love the power of audio and it’s ability to take the brain somewhere that a video, for example, could never reach. We wanted to use that power to highlight and celebrate the amazing gifts that people on the autism spectrum bring to the world. We wanted to highlight and celebrate the power and value of music therapy and to honour the work of music therapists everywhere.

In the process of learning how to help tell someone else’s story we’ve had to acknowledge that in order to be a good storyteller, you at first have to be a good listener.

Our hope and aim has always been that people listening to ‘Voices of Autism’ will be inspired to create new music, new stories and begin new conversations as a result. May Reid, Curtis, Joel and Sydney weave their magic around you in the same ways they have done with us.

Michael Fryer

15th March 2013


2 Responses to “On the eve of something special”

  1. Jim Contopulos March 17, 2013 at 9:49 am #

    what a privilege and honor to witness the skill and grace of a transformed room as a result of the SongStream Project. thank you

  2. diana toy March 19, 2013 at 12:46 am #

    THANK YOU for your beautiful heart and soul…your vision and brilliance in creating such a wonderful project, and for including Sydney and our family along with three other amazing young talents and their families–who are also our friends. YOU guys are truly amazing! We love you!

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