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‘Voices of Autism’ coming soon

21 Feb

Voices of Autism Show Coming Soon

It’s been a busy few weeks for all of us here at The SongStream Project. We’re gearing up for March 16th when we will be gathering with whoever will join us at San Diego’s Expressive Art Institute (7-9pm) for what we’re calling a ‘Catalysten’. This wonderful word and idea sprang forth from the creative mind of SongStream co-founder Talia Morales and was something resonated immediately with all the team:

Catalysten – ˈkætə-ˈlɪsən

Noun: A listening event that deliberately encourages new ideas, creativity and change.

Verb: The conscious act of listening with the intent of being inspired.

We’re excited to see what emerges from this space and we’ll write more about the concept of a ‘Catalysten’ soon. We’re very keen to share the remarkable stories and music we’ve gathered for ‘Voices of Autism’. It’s been a real privilege working with Reid, Curtis, Joel and Sydney, the four young musicians we feature in the show and their families. We were invited into their lives and were bowled over by their hospitality and generosity as they shared so many insights and inspirations relating to the triumphs and challenges of living alongside autism.

We had the tough but rewarding task of listening through hours of interviews and sewing the edited parts together. We’re happy to say we’ve done the major part of the work. We really feel that when you listen to ‘Voices of Autism’ you’ll be moved by the stories you’ll hear and the ways in which music has become an essential part of who these young musicians are and how they share that identity with the world. And believe me, they have much to share!

More details of the ‘Catalysten and Release Party’ can be found here:


Michael Fryer

21st February 2013